Title Ⅰ Schoolwide Program Goals

Arnold Elementary is a Schoolwide Title I school meaning our Title I efforts are not focused on any one segment or level of student but the entire student population. The Title I Schoolwide Program Goals are as follows:

Raise the achievement level of all students.

1. Raise the achievement level of all students in the areas of literacy (reading/language arts) and mathematics. Within the next five years, Arnold students will meet or exceed the district mean score on the norm-referenced tests in the areas of total reading and total math (moving students to proficient and advanced performance categories).

Building a sense of community.

2. If our society is to survive and prosper, it will be because individuals see themselves as connected with one another, responsible to on another, respectful of themselves and one another. Through the total school efforts to “increase acts of kindness”; ongoing review/update of Learning Communities; and increased efforts in the area of parent involvement–opportunities will be furthered among parents, students, and staff that would continue the emphasis on “building a sense of community.”

Focus upon “early intervention” …lead toward long-range prevention.

3. Maintain the focus upon “early intervention” with students that would lead toward long-range prevention.

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